Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For those of you with smart phones (I still have a stone age cell phone) when we send out coupons via our emails you have the choice of either printing them and presenting them at the time of purchase, or showing it to us on your smart phone).  We will still know that you are opening our emails and hopefully reading them.

My daughter keeps telling me I need to get a better, faster, smarter phone but somehow she seems to use up all the family phone upgrades herself because she literally wears out a phone in less than two years!!!

Over the last two days we have added four additional classes to our class schedule so be sure and check out our website often for new items.


  1. It is not the age of the phone, it is the age of the person owning the phone lol I hardly use mine.

  2. I just got one and am still learning. At least I can answer it and make calls. Mine is old but still smarter than I am. Verizon guy called i a dinosaur from