Sunday, June 24, 2012

Featherweights Coming Soon

Ed has been gathering up Some of the popular Singer Featherweights with the idea of establishing a Featherweight page on the Olde Towne Stitchery website. He plans to showcase complete machines, accessories, new and used parts and other Featherweight related items that will be available for sale at the shop. Several arrived when he was on travel and still need to be cleaned and tested, so if you are interested in one, check the website regularly to learn when they become available.

He has also been trying to locate some Singer 301s for those quilters who prefer the larger bed but so far, they have all been too expensive.


  1. Kathie, I purchased one of the travel/storage cases for my machine and have had lots of problems with it. One of the rubber feet fell off and one of the closures has come loose from the box. Thought I might try to find some locking washers to help. Don't know if I even have the rubber foot still. Hope you have better luck with your batch of cases than I have. Sandi

  2. Thanks for the "heads up". I had planned to offer the reproduction cases at the shop but have never seen one in person. Maybe it would be a good idea to order one to inspect before selling one to a dissatisfied customer. - Ed