Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Customer Recommendation

From time to time we special order items for customers or order things for the shop that customers have recommended.  A couple of customers recently recommended using Retayne Color Fixative on dark hand dyed fabrics or batiks so I now have a few bottles in the shop.

 Fabric dyes are much better than they used to be but from time to time there are certain ones that continue to bleed after the initial wash and you sure don't want that on a just finished quilt.  I am told that this product works great and is easy to use.   Have some black batik in the show now that I might just have to try it out on. 


1 comment:

  1. I'll be anxious to hear what you think of the product. I've not heard anything about it, but I've got a black background batik on all my Kourageous paper pieced fabrics that I'd be devastated to have bleed. Sandi