Monday, July 2, 2012

Back Room

Our back room, formerly known as the office, is starting to take shape.  All stabilizers have moved there to make room for additional wide backings that we have been receiving.

In addition all discount fabrics have been moved in there with six additional bolts being added last week.  As the shelves out front fill up with new fabrics I am moving some of the older fabrics, or fabrics where there is just a bolt or two left of an entire collection to the back at a discount.  Check it out for some great savings. 

We decided to try being open on the 4th of July to see if anyone would be in the mood to shop or if everyone is busy with other activities.  Wednesday will be double punch day on all full yards of fabric cut so if you have time in your schedule take a run by. 

1 comment:

  1. Looks to be a nice stripe for a binding on the bottom shelf two in from the middle. Wasn't too long ago that I'd have been asking Betty to pick me up a bit of the two animal prints. My crazy PP animal themed flowers are done now...still need to get the together. The layout for Kourageous needs to be pretty amazing to go along with the way these flowers finished. Sandi