Sunday, July 1, 2012

Northcott Fabrics

Back when the decision was made to purchase the quilt shop, but before I took over I placed an order with Northcott fabrics (blenders, stonehenge and some prints) to make sure that fabric started coming in immediately.  The first delivery was delivered to my house and sat in my living room for a month.  After that everything started being delivered to the shop so it was with great surprise that I got home thursday night to find two boxes of fabric had been delivered to my home.

Since these fabrics were back ordered from April I guess the purchase order still had my home address on it.   These fabrics are now in the shop and on the shelves.  I love the wide Stonehenge backing, it is mostly tans and creams with a touch of blue.  It reminds me of a granite counter top. 


  1. I'm liking the red print! Happy July Olde Towne Stitchery. Sandi

  2. Where is the green to go with that??? he he